Introducing Aubergine Surprise, the second pattern in the Dinner Party Collection
posted by Linda Wilgus on April 18, 2014

Aubergine Surprise is the second shawl in the Dinner Party Collection: a collection of shawls inspired by different dishes, which together would create a yummy meal for a dinner party. Each shawl is named after a different course and each pattern includes the recipe for the dish which inspired the design. My husband loves to cook and we have decided to combine our respective talents in this collection: I create the knitting patterns and he the recipes.

Our second course is Aubergine Surprise, an asymmetrical, striped shawl in garter stitch. A bit of increasing on each row, some decreasing and last but not least some lovely short rows and voilà! An eye-catching shape with eight points sticking out on one side and a smooth edge on the other. The tight top edge creates a slightly ruffled fabric, which can be smoothed out during the blocking process, as shown in the photos, or could be kept for a lovely ruffled shawl if you'd prefer. Worked from side to side, Aubergine Surprise is an easy knit in a fingering weight. The accompanying recipe is Brandon's Aubergine Eggplant Appetizer recipe.

The first shawl in the collection is Salad Shawl, which can be found here: Salad Shawl.

During the first week following the pattern's release both the Aubergine Surprise pattern as well as the Salad Shawl pattern are on sale! They are 30% off and the discount will automatically be applied at check-out. This offer is valid until April 25, end of day US Eastern Time. Happy knitting!

Knitting graffiti spotted in the wild
posted by Linda Wilgus on April 14, 2014

On a recent outing to the lovely gardens of Anglesey Abbey we spotted some very cool knitting graffiti! We found several cycling-related things that were given a stunningly colourful knitted and crocheted cover. The art was made by Anglesey in Stitches and I can only imagine all the work that must have gone into the pretty bike, wheel and helmet cozies we saw!

Malabrigo in March: Navona on sale!
posted by Linda Wilgus on March 19, 2014

Hi all! While busy working on Milou I somehow missed out on the beginning of the wonderful Mal March event over in the Malabrigo Junkies Rav group. I'm a huge fan of Malabrigo and so I wanted to do something to celebrate one of my favorite yarns anyway, even if it is not officially a part of the event. In honor of the yummy-ness that is Malabrigo, one of my most popular designs, Navona will be 30% off from today until March 31, end of day US Eastern Time. No code needed; simply click "buy it now" and 30% will come off the price.

I'm off to think about my next Malabrigo project! :-) Happy knitting everyone!

New pattern: Milou
posted by Linda Wilgus on March 11, 2014

I'm very excited to share with you the newest Woolly Mammoth Knits pattern: Milou. A top down, seamless sweater in a fingering weight, Milou features an eye-catching cable panel on the front. Delicate yarn over cables are framed by a travelling cable, which turns into an oval cable pattern that runs down to the bottom hem. The pattern includes instructions for a wide, split hem and a short hem, as well as for three-quarter length sleeves and short sleeves, making this a great project for Spring. There are written instructions as well as charts for the cable pattern on the front.

I really enjoyed knitting this sweater, because while the cabling on the front required some attention, the stockinette stitch on the rest of the body and sleeves made it an easy and relaxing knit nonetheless. The green sweater was knit in String Theory Caper Sock, which is one of the softest sock yarns I have ever worked with, and the pink one was knit it Araucania Ranco Solid. The latter is a bit less soft but the bright, lustrous colors of this yarn more than make up for that in my mind. I really hope you'll like Milou! Here are some photos of the sweater:

A little update on WMK patterns and a new blog!
posted by Linda Wilgus on March 1, 2014

A few weeks ago, a technical glitch caused my website to eat my blog. At first I thought I would still find it sitting somewhere, tucked away among the files and folders, but alas, it really does seem to have vanished. Luckily, I had backed up most of the posts and I hope to eventually be able to archive these and provide access to them here. For now, however, it means a fresh start to this blog.

And what better to begin with than a little update on Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns? As some of you may have noticed it has been a while since the last new pattern release. There's a very happy reason for this, which I'll post about sometime soon. Meanwhile, I do have a sweater pattern that is nearly ready to be published. It is called Milou and is a top down, seamless sweater featuring a pretty cable pattern on the front. I feel it is one of my best patterns yet and I really hope you might think the same! Expect to see this one in the next few days, followed by the next shawl in the Dinner Party Collection in April. Have a lovely week and happy knitting everyone!

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