Change in buying patterns for people in the EU
posted by Linda Wilgus on January 1, 2015

First of all, happy New Year! I hope you have had a lovely New Year's eve. As some of you may have noticed already, a big change has gone into effect today when it comes to purchasing knitting patterns on Ravelry if you live in an EU country. As the Woolly Mammoth Knits website uses the Ravelry pattern sales service for its pattern sales, I wanted to post here to let you know what that means for Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns.

EU VAT tax law changes dictate that VAT must be paid on knitting patterns from now on and unfortunately Ravelry is not currently set up to handle the added tax, which is different for each country. Casey and the Ravelry team are working hard to set up a solution to this problem, and in the meantime, in order for knitters from the EU to still be able to buy patterns listed on Ravelry, they have set up a partnership with UK pattern site For Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns, this means that if you live in an EU country, when you try to buy a pattern from me, you will be re-directed to the LoveKnitting website, where you can pay with Paypal just as you would when purchasing a pattern directly from the Woolly Mammoth Knits website. The pattern PDF will then be send to you via LoveKnitting. Unfortunately, you do have to register with LoveKnitting in order to be able to use their service.

Once Ravelry is set up for selling patterns with the VAT added for EU customers, these pattern sales should go back to how they were before on this website.

The big exception in the case of Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns is for customers from the UK. Some EU countries (such as the United Kingdom) have been advising businesses that are based there that they do not need to pay tax on domestic sales if they are under their local VAT threshold. Since I am based in the UK that means customers from the UK do not have to pay the VAT on Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns, and can simply purchase a pattern of mine via this website or via Ravelry.

For more information on this, please have a look at this information on Ravelry: Jan 1 2015: European Union VAT (tax) changes.

I hope this helps as far as some clarification goes! There seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to what the new laws entail. If/when things change I will definitely post here with an update!


Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2015!
posted by Linda Wilgus on December 23, 2014

A very happy Christmas to all of you who celebrate and all the best for the New Year everyone!

I hope you are having a great holiday season, filled with joy, coziness and of course lots of knitting!

As for myself, the past year has been very special, seeing the addition of our newest member of the Wilgus family, baby Sebastian, and our two girls growing into proper big girls. I hope the new year will bring me a bit more time to knit (and work on designing!). With Sebastian nearly 3 months old, I'm still on what I like to call maternity leave. We are very lucky that our sweet little one is a great sleeper at night, but he is not big on naps so between caring for him and the attention his two big sisters need I find it pretty much impossible to carve out a bit of knitting time at the moment. I know that's temporary though - as soon as our baby's a bit bigger I'm sure I'll be able to get back to it. I really look forward to sharing my new designs with you then (there are several in the pipeline - it's just a matter of finding the time to work on them :-).

Thank you for being a visitor to the Woolly Mammoth Knits website and all the best for 2015!


A little update and Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns in the Indie Designer gift-a-long 2014!
posted by Linda Wilgus on November 9, 2014

Hi everyone! I'm thrilled to announce our baby boy was born just over 6 weeks ago, on September 26 at 4.55 in the morning. He is an absolutely joy, and while we're sometimes bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, these days are very special. His big sisters are thrilled to have a little baby brother!

I've just managed to pick up my knitting needles again for the first time in over 6 weeks - I had forgotten just how busy those newborn baby days really are, especially when you have older kids as well. It felt really good to work a bit on a little cardigan for our baby boy, and I look forward to getting back to designing in the next few weeks. The next shawl in the dinner party collection is waiting to be completed and my tech editor and I are halfway editing the next Woolly Mammoth Knits cardigan pattern. In addition I’m working on a freebie pattern for the home - my first home accessory project! I really hope you will be as excited about it as I am once it comes out.

I'm also very excited to let you know that Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns will be participating in the Indie Design Gift-a-Long again this year! Just like last year, the gift-a-long involves a designer discount period and tons of KALs in the gift-a-long Ravelry forum where everyone knits for the holidays together. There are tons of prizes to be won, and this year the gift-a-long is bigger and better as loads more designers are taking part! Here are the details from the gift-a-long group:

The Indie Design Gift-A-Long is a 2 month long KAL/CAL of holiday gifts made from patterns designed by a rather extensive list of independent designers. From Thursday, November 13th at 8:00 pm US EST - Friday, November 21, 2014 at 11:59 pm US EST tons of indie designers will be discounting between 4 - 20 of their patterns 25% for this event. For more info, check out the Indie Designer gift-a-long Ravelry group!

There are 20 Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns that are a part of the gift-a-long. From Thursday, November 13 until Friday, November 21, end of day US Eastern Time, these 20 patterns will be 25% off. The full list of patterns eligible for the promotion can be found here: WMK gift-a-long patterns and can also be accessed via the gift-a-long 2014 bundle on my Ravelry designer page here: Linda Wilgus designer page with WMK gift-a-long 2014 bundle.

I really hope you might like to take part in the gift-a-long this year! It's great fun plus a brilliant way to get lots of holiday knitting done. Happy knitting!

This is the group to go to for the KALs and other gift-a-long fun: Indie Designer gift-a-long Ravelry group.


New pattern: Ischia!
posted by Linda Wilgus on August 26, 2014

Hi everyone! I'm very excited to share with you my newest pattern - yes it is out at last :-) - Ischia. Ischia is a seamless tunic top knit from the top down, with pretty lace detailing down the center. Here is the blurb from the pattern page:

Seamless, free-flowing and quick to knit, Ischia is a versatile tunic top perfect for early Fall: wear it as is if you live in a warmer climate or layer with a long-sleeve shirt or boyfriend cardigan if you're in a colder location. The top is worked from the top down: first the ribbed yoke is worked flat and folded over, then stitches are picked up along the bottom of the yoke and the body is worked in the round from there. The stitches at a large gauge for a DK-weight yarn are fairly loose, creating a flowing garment with lots of movement. There is an easy-to-work Lacy Leaf pattern down the center front and a deep scoop neck with roll collar that is worked last, after picking up stitches along the neckline. The rounded shape of the lower back is created with short rows.

I really hope you'll like this one! If you think you may be interested in knitting Ischia sometime, the pattern is 30% off during the first week, until September 1, 2014, end of day US Eastern Time. You do not need a code to get the discount: simply click the "buy it now" button during the discount period and 30% will come of the price. For more details have a look at the pattern page here: Ischia pattern page.

A little update, at last!
posted by Linda Wilgus on August 22, 2014

Finally, a little update! I hope you are having a great summer! Things have slowed down considerably (or rather horrendously!) for me over the summer: between being quite pregnant now and having our two girls at home during the summer holiday, plus travel to see family I have not managed to work on designs nearly as much as I like. It doesn't help that unlike with my two other pregnancies, this time I've ended up with a serious case of nesting causing our house to be turned upside down and massive piles of laundry to sit everywhere (just HOW did we end up with three bins full of baby clothes???).

Still, I have managed to get a bit of work in here and there luckily, which has resulted in several upcoming patterns. I hope to be able to release my next pattern, a sleeveless tunic top, in the next week or so, followed about 4-6 weeks later by a little cardigan, and sometime after that (if new baby permits :-) the next shawl in the Dinner Party collection (and this one will be the main course, hurray!). Keep your eyes on the forum for further news and the new patterns as they come out! And most of all, enjoy the rest of the summer, especially if you've got some nice weather where you are!

Show off your WMK Summer FO contest
posted by Linda Wilgus on July 12, 2014

Hi! I hope you are all enjoying a great summer! It's time for our second Woolly Mammoth Knits forum summer event, and this one comes in the shape of a contest!

Here is how it works: if you have knit, or are knitting, a Woolly Mammoth Knits pattern this summer, share a photo of your finished object in this thread and you will be automatically entered to win one of 3 prizes (I'll get to these in a minute! :-). Any finished object made from a Woolly Mammoth Knits pattern counts, as well as patterns made from Linda Wilgus' patterns from other outlets (such as for example the patterns published in Knitty and Twist Collective). These are the details:

What? A photo of your finished object made this Summer from a Woolly Mammoth Knits or Linda Wilgus pattern, posted in the following thread on Ravelry before the contest deadline: Ravelry Woolly Mammoth Knits Summer FO contest (<-- just click this link to go to the page to post. If you are not yet a Ravelry member, you may have to join before you can post your photo).

When? Just for ease we'll broaden the definition of Summer a bit for this: any project you've finished between May 1, 2014 and October 1, 2014 counts as a "Summer project" for this contest.

Where? Here: Ravelry Woolly Mammoth Knits Summer FO contest.

Deadline? The deadline for entering the contest by sharing your photo of your FO is October 15.

And last but certainly not least: prizes, you said? These are the three prizes to be won, the winners of which will be determined by a random drawing:

- A copy of Stephanie Pearl McPhee's hilarious and insightful book Knitting Rules.

- Two skeins of delicious hand-dyed Noro Big Kureyon 100% wool.

- Your choice of three free copies of any Woolly Mammoth Knits for sale pattern.

For more details, please check out the Ravelry thread by clicking here. Enjoy and have a lovely Summer!

WMK Sultry Summer Sale!
posted by Linda Wilgus on June 24, 2014

The temperature is rising, even here in Britain, and so it is time for the Woolly Mammoth Knits annual summer sale! The WMK Sultry Summer Sale is a "buy one get one free" sale. For two weeks, from today, June 24 until July 8 you will get one pattern for free when you buy a Woolly Mammoth Knits pattern. You can pick any two patterns, add them to your cart, and the cheapest of the two will be free when you check out. No code needed!

The only exception are Linda Wilgus patterns sold through other publications, such as for example the Trigere top pattern in Twist Collective. Unfortunately I am unable to extend the offer to those patterns.

For a full list of all available patterns, please browse the patterns on this website; they will have listed underneath them whether they were published as Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns or by other parties. Alternatively, you can have a look here on Ravelry: Linda Wilgus' Ravelry Store and click the link in the top right corner that says "view all 42 patterns".

Happy summer knitting everyone! There will be more summer WMK events coming up, including a contest with some prices, so keep your eyes on this page in the next few weeks! Got to celebrate summer! :-)

New pattern: Oxford Circus
posted by Linda Wilgus on June 15, 2014

Hi everyone! After a busy month and a lovely vacation to France (where all the Breton stripes really put me in the mind of knitting some stripes, and so it's on to the next project!), I'm excited to share with you my latest design: Oxford Circus. This is the blurb from the pattern page:

Oxford Circus is a small asymmetric shawl knit from side to side. Rows of yarn overs and elongated stitches show off the pretty colors of a variegated yarn, while two stripes in a contrasting color form an eye-catching detail. The shawl's shape is created through increases along the outer edge and decreases along the top edge. It is easy to add extra length to the shawl and the pattern includes instructions on how to do so. Oxford Circus is knit in a fingering weight yarn.

I loved knitting this little shawl! It knit up super quickly and the different stitches allowed for just enough variation to keep the (TV-) knitting interesting. I worked with a fantastic group of testers for this design (thank you!) and loved seeing the different color combinations everyone has used. Here are two photos; I hope you'll like it:

WMK news and KALs
posted by Linda Wilgus on May 19, 2014

The weather has been gorgeous here in England this past week, which has put me in the mood for summer knitting! I have been working on two new designs, an airy light-weight shawl worked from side to side and a short-sleeved cardigan, both of which will be great for knitting and wearing on the warmer days. Expect both soon! I'm also knitting a cotton baby blanket for the little one, who is due at the end of August. The pattern I'm using is the lovely Chevron Baby Blanket from the blog Espace Tricot, which can be found here: Espace Tricot Chevron Baby Blanket. You'll have to scroll down to find the pattern for the blanket, which is free to download. I'm using Knit Picks Comfy worsted for mine in some bright and pretty colors. We're going on holidays next week and this will be my holiday knitting project; will post a picture soon!

I also wanted to alert you to two current Woolly Mammoth Knits knit-a-longs. One is a KAL for my free cardigan pattern Peggy Sue in the following Ravelry group: 1950s KAL: Peggy Sue, and it started earlier this month. The other is a KAL for my cabled sweater pattern Milou in the String Theory Yarn Lovers Rav group, which kicks off on June 1. There is a 30% discount available on the pattern for KAL participants, so check out the thread on the forum if you think you might be interested! It's here: Milou KAL.

And last but not least, Hot Pink Socks blog featured a review of the first two shawls in the Dinner Party Collection. The review can be read here: Hot Pink Socks review.

I think those are all the WMK updated for now - expect a new pattern release next! Have a lovely week everyone!

Peggy Sue:

Two girly summer tops
posted by Linda Wilgus on April 28, 2014

When I'm not knitting up samples for my designs, my favorite things to knit are little girl things, and tops and sweaters most of all. I don't get to do this nearly as much as I like, and to add to the slight guilt complex this creates I have yet to knit my sweet husband a sweater promised to him many holiday seasons ago (I know, ouch), but I did manage to finish two little girl summer tops recently.

One is a stripey tee in Rowan Purelife Organic cotton, a delightfully soft cotton yarn and that comes in many pretty shades, including these pastels, which I knit for my youngest girly. The other is a variation on the Bella Sera Shrug in a thicker yarn (Spud and Chloe Sweater, love this!) and with an extra layer added, for my big girl who is turning 5 in just a few weeks. I added a little flower to each top, for which I used Sue Thompson's knit flower pattern, which can be found (for free!) here: Knit Flower. The flower pattern is super easy and the only thing I changed is that I did not cut the yarn after each petal, but instead used the cable cast on to keep going with the working yarn. Anything to avoid weaving in a bunch of yarn ends! :-) The girls really like their tops, so now it's on to the next girly project. I'm thinking some soft toys, including one for new baby who will arrive at the end of September!

Introducing Aubergine Surprise, the second pattern in the Dinner Party Collection
posted by Linda Wilgus on April 18, 2014

Aubergine Surprise is the second shawl in the Dinner Party Collection: a collection of shawls inspired by different dishes, which together would create a yummy meal for a dinner party. Each shawl is named after a different course and each pattern includes the recipe for the dish which inspired the design. My husband loves to cook and we have decided to combine our respective talents in this collection: I create the knitting patterns and he the recipes.

Our second course is Aubergine Surprise, an asymmetrical, striped shawl in garter stitch. A bit of increasing on each row, some decreasing and last but not least some lovely short rows and voilà! An eye-catching shape with eight points sticking out on one side and a smooth edge on the other. The tight top edge creates a slightly ruffled fabric, which can be smoothed out during the blocking process, as shown in the photos, or could be kept for a lovely ruffled shawl if you'd prefer. Worked from side to side, Aubergine Surprise is an easy knit in a fingering weight. The accompanying recipe is Brandon's Aubergine Eggplant Appetizer recipe.

The first shawl in the collection is Salad Shawl, which can be found here: Salad Shawl.

During the first week following the pattern's release both the Aubergine Surprise pattern as well as the Salad Shawl pattern are on sale! They are 30% off and the discount will automatically be applied at check-out. This offer is valid until April 25, end of day US Eastern Time. Happy knitting!

Knitting graffiti spotted in the wild
posted by Linda Wilgus on April 14, 2014

On a recent outing to the lovely gardens of Anglesey Abbey we spotted some very cool knitting graffiti! We found several cycling-related things that were given a stunningly colourful knitted and crocheted cover. The art was made by Anglesey in Stitches and I can only imagine all the work that must have gone into the pretty bike, wheel and helmet cozies we saw!

Malabrigo in March: Navona on sale!
posted by Linda Wilgus on March 19, 2014

Hi all! While busy working on Milou I somehow missed out on the beginning of the wonderful Mal March event over in the Malabrigo Junkies Rav group. I'm a huge fan of Malabrigo and so I wanted to do something to celebrate one of my favorite yarns anyway, even if it is not officially a part of the event. In honor of the yummy-ness that is Malabrigo, one of my most popular designs, Navona will be 30% off from today until March 31, end of day US Eastern Time. No code needed; simply click "buy it now" and 30% will come off the price.

I'm off to think about my next Malabrigo project! :-) Happy knitting everyone!

New pattern: Milou
posted by Linda Wilgus on March 11, 2014

I'm very excited to share with you the newest Woolly Mammoth Knits pattern: Milou. A top down, seamless sweater in a fingering weight, Milou features an eye-catching cable panel on the front. Delicate yarn over cables are framed by a travelling cable, which turns into an oval cable pattern that runs down to the bottom hem. The pattern includes instructions for a wide, split hem and a short hem, as well as for three-quarter length sleeves and short sleeves, making this a great project for Spring. There are written instructions as well as charts for the cable pattern on the front.

I really enjoyed knitting this sweater, because while the cabling on the front required some attention, the stockinette stitch on the rest of the body and sleeves made it an easy and relaxing knit nonetheless. The green sweater was knit in String Theory Caper Sock, which is one of the softest sock yarns I have ever worked with, and the pink one was knit it Araucania Ranco Solid. The latter is a bit less soft but the bright, lustrous colors of this yarn more than make up for that in my mind. I really hope you'll like Milou! Here are some photos of the sweater:

A little update on WMK patterns and a new blog!
posted by Linda Wilgus on March 1, 2014

A few weeks ago, a technical glitch caused my website to eat my blog. At first I thought I would still find it sitting somewhere, tucked away among the files and folders, but alas, it really does seem to have vanished. Luckily, I had backed up most of the posts and I hope to eventually be able to archive these and provide access to them here. For now, however, it means a fresh start to this blog.

And what better to begin with than a little update on Woolly Mammoth Knits patterns? As some of you may have noticed it has been a while since the last new pattern release. There's a very happy reason for this, which I'll post about sometime soon. Meanwhile, I do have a sweater pattern that is nearly ready to be published. It is called Milou and is a top down, seamless sweater featuring a pretty cable pattern on the front. I feel it is one of my best patterns yet and I really hope you might think the same! Expect to see this one in the next few days, followed by the next shawl in the Dinner Party Collection in April. Have a lovely week and happy knitting everyone!

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