The Dinner Party Collection

The Dinner Party Collection is a collection of shawls inspired by different dishes, which together would create a yummy meal for a dinner party. Each shawl is named after a different course and each pattern includes the recipe for the dish which inspired the design. My husband loves to cook and we have decided to combine our respective talents in this collection: I create the knitting patterns and he the recipes.

Our first course is the Salad Shawl, a small triangular shawl worked from side to side, with lace on one edge and a lovely little cable on the other. The shape and points on the edge are created by casting on stitches while you knit the first half of the shawl and binding off stitches in the second half. The accompanying recipe is Brandon's Mediterranean Feta Salad recipe.

For the second course we are having Aubergine Surprise, an asymmetrical, striped shawl in garter stitch. A bit of increasing on each row, some decreasing and last but not least some lovely short rows and voilà! An eye-catching shape with eight points sticking out on one side and a smooth edge on the other. The tight top edge creates a slightly ruffled fabric, which can be smoothed out during the blocking process, as shown in the photos, or could be kept for a lovely ruffled shawl if you'd prefer. Worked from side to side, Aubergine Surprise is an easy knit in a fingering weight. The accompanying recipe for this shawl is Brandon's Aubergine Eggplant Appetizer recipe.

Top-down, full of texture and color, worked in a lace weight yarn and hitting the right flavor for Summer:. Manicotti Main Course is our third dish! It's a top-down lace shawlette that combines color with texture in a light and airy summer accessory. The easy and straightforward lace and colorwork patterns allow for relaxed yet interesting knitting; simply decide which color combination you fancy and cast on! Manicotti Main Course takes only 280 yards of a main color and 180 yards of a contrasting color yarn. The accompanying recipe is Brandon's Spinach Manicotti and Roasted Salmon recipe.

Next up is the wine pairing! Keep an eye on this space for the next shawl in the collection. Happy knitting!

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